Sunday, November 7, 2010

Learning OpenGL, slowly...

So I've burned a few hours trying to learn OpenGL. I'm using C#, accessing OpenGL via OpenTK. The tutorials here are great, but a bit out of date. After much frustrations, I found that ramblingcoder picked them up and converted them to C#.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frustrations on programming languages

So, I'm honestly a bit demotivated to work on Magecrawl. Part of it is that I'm in the middle of porting it to Silverlight as a way to get a tiles version with little work that will work on Windows/Mac/Linux. Then this week, I come across these articles.

While it isn't like they are canceling Silveight, their "change in focus" and the fact that Mono is currently two major versions behind has me a bit worried. I don't want to sink another 20+ hours fixing things up, and then in a year or two have to move to another UI layer. I also don't want to loose being able to work on it on my Mac, and right now I'm in that boat.

More fundamentally, I'm frustrated that there doesn't seem to be a "good" way to do cross platform UIs for my game. I'm going to rattle though the programming languages I know or are good options. None of them right now seem to be a good fit.

C# - Silverlight: Only Mac/Windows right now. Linux is an unknown period of time away. A bit worried about its future, but probably best option right now.

C# - libtcod: Works everywhere, but no tiles UI.

C# - winforms - Yeah, it might technically work on Mac/Linux, but there are licensing concerns that make ppl not want to install it.

C# - GTK# - Doesn't look native on ANY platform except Gnome.

C/C++ - Any number of frameworks here, QT being the most obvious framework or OpenGL. Ignoring the rewrite aspect, I'd rather not chase memory errors in an unmanaged language when I'm not being paid for it.

python - pygame would be the most logical choice. I don't think I want to write in a dynamically typed language.

objective C - See C/C++ for the unmanaged language type. It also wouldn't work well on Windows/Linux, and I have no clue what GUI framework to use. 

Java - Seriously? Swing looks terrible anywhere, and with Sun Oracle trying its best to kill developer uptake, that isn't an option.

In writing this article, I've come across opentk, which appears to be a open gl binding for C#. While I'd have to learn yet another UI framework, at least I know it'd work everywhere...