Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finished, but just barely...

Here's the proof:

This version has the correct SDL libraries bundled so you don't need the SDL dev libraries installed.

Tomorrow I'll have a legitimate posting with instructions and the like. I just wanted to get something up tonight.

You'll need the .NET 4 runtime or the equivalent mono. You probably need the SDL development libraries installed as well. I'll try to clean things up tomorrow and shove out a better release.

Go go 4DRL.

Saturday, November 19, 2011 this thing on...

I just received a comment wondering what the status of anything I've been working on, since I haven't posted in forever. This was ironic, since I was thinking about making a post tomorrow anyway.

The wife was out of town for a business conferences, so I decided to see what I could hack out in two after-work timeslots and Saturday/Sunday.

You might notice the stubbed out "action bar" at the bottom, but I have a lot working. I've "stolen" chunks of code from previous "iterations" of the game, but the "core" is all new.

It's written in C# and using SDL C#. My goal was to get something playable by end of the day tomorrow, so I've kept many things simple (but functional).

Things working so far:
  • Turn based movement with a "party" of player characters and various enemy monsters
  • Line of Sight and Pathfinding
  • "Animations" done in a way that for once makes me not want to cry
  • AI decision making is done off the UI thread to keep the game responsive.
Things to finish by tomorrow "hopefully"
  • Melee/Ranged combat with animations and targetting
  • "Skills" of some basic type
  • Multiple different monster types
  • Different "rounds" in the arena
Wish me luck on my 4DRL.