Sunday, December 6, 2009

Iterations - Iteration 6 Complete

So, I'm trying to build my game around "iterations", kinda agile-like. As I mentioned in another article, I've been on iteration 6 for the entirety of this blog's lifetime. Iterations are parallel to the "steps" in 15 steps to write a roguelike, but not exactly. I plan that each iteration takes less than 2 months of work. Here's my iteration list so far:
  • Iteration 1 - "Hello World" - Setup enviroment, walk around a map displayed on screen with doors
  • Iteration 2 - "Save/Load" - Save and load to xml files and xml compressed to .zip
  • Iteration 3 - "It's Alive, and it fights" - Time system, monsters, basic combat, LOS
  • Iteration 4 - "Tech Demo I" - Items, Magic, Dialogs, Data Files
  • Iteration 5 - "Content And Graphics" - Equipment Screen, Ranged Attack Graphics, more spells and items
  • Iteration 6 - "Level Generation" - Multiple map generators
  • Iteration 7 - "Combat" - Differing monsters, more spells/items, Color in game
  • Iteration 8 - "Tech Demo II" - Balancing, stuff needed for a releasable fun mini-game.
Today I just finished iteration 6. The map generator is a tad slower than I'd like, but it's good enough to move on.  While I primarily worked on the level generator, here is other stuff that got thrown in:
  • Help Screen
  • Multiple Levels with stairs (persistent state)
  • Save game if you close window

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