Friday, April 16, 2010


So I don't have the link the last two months of posting to make it apparent that I haven't been working on magecrawl lately. I'm hoping that now I've finished 95% of those other jobs, with just a few maintenance tasks to complete closer to the next release. This iteration has lasted way too long already, so this morning I'm separating the goat features from the sheep ones.

The original goal for iteration 8 was "different level monsters, a skill tree for the player, and increasing difficulty". I've booted what I consider the non-essential tasks out of this iteration and this is what I come up with:

Since it has been so long since my last beta of magecrawl, I'll kick out one after I get all of this done.

I haven't mentioned this lately, but magecrawl is open source. Feel free to download the source to take a look at how things work if you'd like. If you'd like to hack on a feature, let me know, there is plenty to do still.

As you can see, a skill tree is in the queue for this release. I'm hoping to flesh out an idea what that is going to look like in a a future upcoming post.


orillian said...

Regarding your cones and blasts. One little think about cones and blasts that I am going to try and model in my game when I get to the point of needing them is to make them conform to the area they are fired off in. for example a cone of cold might in an open room blast out to say 5 spaces away on a cone from the player, but if I'm in a hall way that cone would get compressed and might blast out to say 7 or 8 spaces (more like a bolt) due to the compression of the blast. The same effect would be seen for blasts, they would expand outwards and obstacles would either be pushed along, or the blast would compress past them. blowing out further past the obstacle. I'm working on a number of algorithms that will do this without making these to realistic or overdone. Just putting a bug out there, as I'd love to see the effect modeled. somewhere else besides just in my head atm. :P

On a side note: Gonna work with the wrapper this weekend on a fresh install of VS2010 release. Hopefully I can get it work this go around. completely removing all the old VS2008 just to clean things up and reduce clutter.

donblas said...

Interesting ideas related to cones and blast. Right now, I'd like to just get the basic LOS bits related to them. Like


If x is where the fireball explodes, y shouldn't be hit.

Well right now the wrapper is compiled for .net 3.5 (or should be). If you want to use the new 2010 release, and use .net4, you might have to get a custom build of the wrapper. It'd take all of 30 seconds to create.

orillian said...

kk, thanks for the heads up. I'm figuring sometime tomorrow by the way the uninstalls are going, I'll be ready to test things out.

Was almost tempted to just reformat.

The uninstall process in Windows is so forsakenly slow at times.