Sunday, June 20, 2010

MEF is now cross platform friendly, kinda

So in February I noted some attempts at using MEF and the disappointment that it was Windows only at the time. MEF in short is a way to break up your C# application into smaller pieces that are loosely connected.

Since multiple of the tasks I have for iteration 9 involve refactoring, I figured I'd take a look at MEF again and see if it is in better shape. The short answer answer is that it works with mono, but only in their development branch. A kind fellow in the mono IRC channel pointed me to a copy he built of System.ComponentModel.Composition.dll that I could use. It works under Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In the next release of Mono it seems likely that this will be built into the .NET 4 client profile, but packaging a single assembly along with your application seems to be an easy solution for now.

Once I break up magecrawl into smaller components, I'm planning on making another post describing MEF and showing how I used it.

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