Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Tools

In programming magecrawl, I've grown to have a list of preferred tools, and since i have a few moments before bed, I figured I'd list.

Mercurial - Distributed version control is awesome, even when it's just you working on a project. Mercurial is great because unlike git, it doesn't run like a dog on windows. The windows integration is nice as well. I wish the visual studio support was a bit farther along, but overall a great version control system. If you're coding, and not using version control, you should be.

Visual Studio - By far the nicest environment to edit c#. Intellisence always works, unlike in c++ visual studio. Monodevelop is a good standby, and the best on non-windows platforms.

Vim - For all the text editing that isn't code. If you're a vim user, learn macros. They will become your new best friend. For those who don't have the patience to learn an editor with just a high learning curve, I heard notepad++ is a good outside Visual Studio editor.


Ben said...

Notepad++ is pretty nice. It has good syntax highlighting for just about all languages you or I could name, and a decent macro system. The learning curve is also very gentle, as opposed to something with more power, like emacs. Vim is what I would use in a Unix environment.

I have to point out FreeMind as a great general thoughts-organizing tool, for programming and other projects.

humpolec said...

your != you're.

donblas said...

Fixed. Thanks!