Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of iteration 8 within sight....stay on target...

I'm down to three bugs for this iteration, then testing and polish. I implemented the first pass of my ideas on health and damage, with now stamina and health instead of hp. The idea of a "shield" spell is a good one I think, but I want to wrap this iteration up.

For those curious, the three bugs I have left are:

"Armor should increase stamina, not evade/resists"
     For now I'm going to remove the fact that armor gives evade/resist on damage. It's going to increase the amount of stamina you get, aka damage you can soak up. I'm doing this since evade is not what I want, it makes combat way too "bursty". Four rounds of missing followed by 2 hits and your dead.
"Make combat take longer per enemy"
    Somewhat related to the first one, right now combat for a given monster takes on average 3 rounds. I'd like that to be closer to 6 rounds. Enough time that doing status effects, healing, and such make sense. This involves buffing the hp and mp numbers on both sides. I'm going to try to bring some sanity to the way that numbers are handed out now.

"Cone and blast need to handle things blocking exploding correctly"
 This was just something I ran across and didn't like. Here's some awesome ascii art to show you what's up
. . . . . . . . . y
. . . @ . . # # #
. . . . . . . .  x

If the player cast a fireball to x, y would be hit even though there's a wall between them. The current idea I have is for each point in the blast radius to make a line of sight check against the focus point.

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