Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to work - FF XIV currently a bust...

As some of my previous posts mentioned, I was blasted excited about Final Fantasy XIV and planned a month or two of ignoring Magecrawl around it. The short answer is that isn't happening anymore. The game has major balance and lag issues that currently make it not fun to play. If you were interested in it, I'd give it a few months to see if they can shake out the bugs and make it fun to play.

And so, I'm back to normal development again. My plan is as follows:

  • Finish up my crawl tiles license project, which just involves a boring night or two in front of changelists.
  • Get Magecrawl for SL up and running. My previous post had my TODO list.
  • Start work on the backlog of bugs/features. Right now, for each one that involves UI changes, I'm planning on doing it twice if reasonable.

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