Monday, September 20, 2010

Magecrawl Status Update

I'm making good progress. I finished up the inventory dialogs tonight, and got started on targetting. Here is is my todo list as of tonight:

Health/Mana Bars
Status Effect/Monster list on character info
Handle player death
Icons in inventory
Hitting z to cast spell, z should target

Splash Screen

Skill Tree
Way to edit preferences
Reasignable keystrokes

Message Box:
Up/Down Stairs
Welcome Message

Requires Targetting:
Draw ranged attack
Attack Melee/Ranged
Inventory w\ targetting

Obviously rewriting the skill tree viewer will take the most work, but most of the rest of them will fall into place quickly. Four them require targetting, which I'm currently working on, while 6 require dialog to be written (easy). 4-6 of them don't have to be done for the game to be playable, just nice to haves.

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netcore37 said...

Seeing that you ponder even languages that are not C# it probably means you are not afraid of rewrites so I would do a shameless plug and suggest having a look at TE4 ( which is the engine behind ToME4.
It is however not specific to ToME4 and can be (and is) used to create other roguelikes.
Game modules are made in Lua (and most of the engine too) and it works on linux/windows/osx with OpenGL display.

Contact me if you want some help, details, ... I usualy lurk on the tome forums, :)

PS: yeah this is darkgod, so I am kind of biased obviously ;)