Thursday, October 7, 2010

crawl-tiles announcned, a "public domain" source of graphical tiles

My work on getting the crawl tiles public domain is complete. Here is the "press release" that I posted to R.G.R.D:

I am happy to announce the first release of the crawl-tiles project

Crawl Stone Soup ( has a beautiful
set of graphical tiles based on rltiles ( with many extensions and modifications.

Until now, they were under the "Crawl license", derived from the
Nethack license and thus unusable by most projects.

A majority of the developers/artists have signed off their work into
the public domain (CC Zero license technically), and thus their work
is now redistributable and usable by other projects.

I have packaged that work up into a form easily consumable by other
projects, and placed it on the crawl-tiles download page.

Feel free to take a look, use them in your new project. If you do so,
please consider noting in your game where they came from.

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