Sunday, October 31, 2010

Status Update - Not dead yet...

As one might have noticed, my postings the last few weeks have been few and far between. There are a few contributing factors to this decline:
  • Large amounts of software testing reduce my motivation to come home and work on Magecrawl
  • Work on a website for my wife's business. {shamelessPlug} Music therapy in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown {/shamelessPlug}. This involved learning pretty quickly CSS/HTML and Joomla as a CMS.
  • Starcraft II - I gave in and got it. It is video games goodness distilled into a drug like potency. I am currently playing against Gold level players on 1v1, and I have a pretty mean 4gate rush. 
 I still haven't given up on Magecrawl. With the testing at work ending and the website up and running, things should be calmer over here. The only hurdle to working on Magecrawl will be not playing SC II...

1 comment:

Seikken said...

I'd suggest not to waste much time on SC2, I'm looking foward to playing your game :)