Sunday, February 7, 2010

libtcod-net 1.5.0rc1 released!

libtcod-net 1.5.0rc1 has been released (same day as base library libtcod itself may I add :) ).

The major changes include TCODPathFinding being removed. It's been split up into TCODAStrPathFinding and TCODDijkstraPathFinding. This is obviously an API break, but one that can be replaced with a simple find a replace. Beyond that:
  • TCODSystem::GetCurrentFontSize
  • New random number generator type and new default (ComplementaryMultiplyWithCarry)
    • New functions - GetGaussianFloat, GetGaussianInt, Save
    • Removed functions - GetIntFromByteArray
  • ResetCreditsAnimation, which fixes an outstanding bug in Magecrawl.
Get it while it's hot. Thanks jice and team for another awesome release to build upon.

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jice said...

Hey great work ! Next time, you'll release before us ! :D