Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Multiple Keybinding Presets...

The single largest source of comments on the tech demo II had to do with setting up keystroke bindings. Although I had setup what I through was a good default and provided a way to change it, people did not think this was adequate. It seems that other roguelike players are very particular about their keyboard settings.

To address this, I've split the key bindings into two sections. The first section, KeyMappings.xml, will still contain most of the keystrokes. The second section contains the settings for the 8 cardinal direction, with three sets of defaults already picked out. Preferences.xml contains a preference to choose between these default. If you don't like any of them, you can choose "Custom" and provide the location of your own xml file.

The three defaults so far are:
  • Arrows (and insert/delete/home/end)
  • Keypad
  • VIM
If anyone has a good suggestion for either different common categories or more specifically a good laptop set, feel free to provide it in the comments.


humpolec said...

I once invented a laptop keyboard scheme for diagonals in ADOM: f-arrow-arrow (that's three keystrokes one after another; for example f-Up-Left to go northwest; the F key was unused). Some people seem to like it.

jice said...

In Arena, I ended supporting several keyboard layout at once :
custom : ERTDGCVB

Note that the two last have overlapping keys. The program deduced which layout was used depending on the other keys that were pressed previously to be able to support both where as some keys have different meaning in each :)