Saturday, April 23, 2011

Magecrawl-Arena status update

I'm going to try to try to create something like Doryen Arena using python, seeing how things go. I figured I'd post a status update:

Project started 8 days ago, with about an hour of coding a day roughly. I'm through stage 5 of this, which includes:

GUI - Using public domain graphical tiles from Crawl Stone Soup, found here, I have a scrollable map with variable tiles (not every dirt tile is the same), that persist.
Physics - I have a simple physics engine that includes walls (that one can't walk through), and doors one can open.
Keybinding - Arbitrary key mapping (mouse support to come!)
Serialization - Save/Load support.

Compared to Magecrawl itself, it seems somewhat pathetic a feature list. However, I'm enjoying poking around in python between games of Portal 2 and Rift.

Source can be found here if you are curious.

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Todd said...

Donblas, I'm wondering where you ever ended up with this. Did you hit a similar python 'wall'? (as we discussed Or was using libtcod enough to keep the game playable?