Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can has magecrawl on the internets?

So it might not look like much, but that's magecrawl running in a web browser! Levels generated, items created, monsters waiting for time to start ticking. The only thing missing is drawing and control.

My good friend Ben inspired the idea and helped implement some the magic.

Roughly the magic entails removing all references to libtcod from the game engine. That way, we can load all that code inside a web browser via silverlight, (which can't load native code). I "ported" this code from libtcod:
  • Shadowcasting Line of Sight
  • A* Pathfinding
  • Bresenham Line Generation
"Porting" could be described as the twisted application of force needed to move C code to compile and run in C#. Since none of them used pointer math too heavily, it was reasonable to attempt. The code looks ugly for C# code, but it works.

In theory, it should even save and load! I can use my same serialization code, just point it to "isolated storage" and away we go.

Obviously, a lot of work is needed to make it a real game frontend. But the fact that I could even get this far (and not have to rewrite everything in flash) is pretty awesome.

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