Friday, August 27, 2010

Testing - Baby Steps

I just committed the first nunit tests for magecrawl this morning. Automatic testing has been on my "nice to have, but not now" list for multiple releases. The reason in short is that writing tests isn't fun, which in some regards is a stupid reason, and in others is understandable (this project is my hobby, not my second job).

My first step into testing was 11 tests, testing the generators (Item, Monster, Map). They simply just poke each generator public API thousands of times, looking for a hang or crash. During development, I ran into a significant number of issues related to this, so this was a "low hanging fruit".

In the future, I'm planning on writing more tests, testing the game engine itself and more of the external libraries. However, I'm currently demotivated enough that I want/need to work on other more interesting things.

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