Saturday, August 21, 2010

libtcod 1.5.1b1 released!

As many may know, Magecrawl uses libtcod (via libtcod-net) for both graphics and engine support (FOV, LOS, etc). Months ago, I created a SWIG'ed version of libtcod-net, so that I could stop supporting a hand-rolled wrapper. A (beta) release featuring that has now come out.

If you use libtcod via c#, I highly recommend upgrading to the new wrapper, as the old one is deprecated and no new work will be done on it. Also, the new version has OSX versions for both C# and native C/C++ developers.

Get the hotness here.


JD said...

The download link seems to be broken. It increments the counter and redirects to the file, but spits back a 404 error.

It seems like its trying to use a # in the filename, which isn't valid on a URL.

donblas said...

Noted, getting ahold of jice to let him know.

donblas said...

Until that gets fixed, you should be able to get it here: