Saturday, March 13, 2010

All your libtcod wrapper are belong to us...

(Apologies in advance for the title, but it was too good to pass-up).

The primary reason for my cmake work all of this/last week was so the build could get out of my way and I could experiment on some idea for wrapping libtcod. While libtcod-net works, and is good enough for writing magecrawl, I've seen multiple people going through the work of wrapping libtcod for each language they are interested in (python, c#, D, lisp, etc). Other people have been interested in using libtcod with java or other languages, but lack the time or skill to create their own wrapper. I'm also lazy, and if i can automate or reduce my workload, I'm all about it.

SWIG is a program that generates the "glue" layer so higher level languages can call C/C++, doing most of the work for you. It's a powerful program, with terrible documentation. At work, I've used it enough to feel comfortable trying it on libtcod.

After a morning of work, I have a proof of concept.

import libtcod

libtcod.TCODConsole.initRoot(80, 50, "Test - python", False, libtcod.TCOD_RENDERER_SDL)
root = libtcod.TCODConsole.root.fget()

while not libtcod.TCODConsole.isWindowClosed():
    root.putChar(10, 10, 64);
    root.printLeft(3, 3, libtcod.TCOD_BKGND_SET, "Hello World");


using libtcod;

namespace TestApp
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            TCODConsole.initRoot(80, 50, "Test - C#", false, TCOD_renderer_t.TCOD_RENDERER_SDL);
            while (!TCODConsole.isWindowClosed())
                TCODConsole.root.printLeft(3, 3, TCOD_bkgnd_flag_t.TCOD_BKGND_SET, "Hello World");
                TCODConsole.root.putCharEx(10, 10, '@', TCODColor.white,;

There is a lot of work to be done, but the idea appears to be sound! I'll post more when I get the proof of concept fleshed out more.


jice said...

Awesome news! If you're as fast as with cmake, i'll be soon able to code some lua prototypes.. :)

donblas said...

Well lua is a SWIGable language, so it's very possible. See the post I made in the forums about c++ cleanup I'd like to do to the headers related to SWIG.

donblas said...

See for the cleanup I was talking about:

humpolec said...

Lua bindings for libtcod would be great news indeed. I want to make 2011 7DRL in Lua :)