Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bringing cmake to libtcod - Why "use the source Luke" doesn't mean you can skip documentation..

I'm going to start this quick post off by saying that cmake doesn't have the worst documentation ever. I'd generally award that honor to the C# swig documentation.

However, the documentation for cmake leaves much to be desired. Throughout my work, I've found most of my help with Google and other peoples submitted scripts. I'm going to try not to be cynical and assume that this is due to them selling a book.

Anyway, it seems that the upx for cmake documentation just doesn't exist. I can find nobody on the internet using it. *Edit* I found one person here but it isn't working for me. At this point, I'm digging into the source of FindSelfPackers trying to figure out what I need to tickle to get it working. While this is better than the situation if cmake was closed source, it saddens me nevertheless.


As the maintainer of libtcod-net, which is only somewhat documented, I realize this same complaint could be leveled back at me. If you happen to find yourself cursing the documentation of libtcod-net, please let me know.

*Edit-2* Since apparently I have a high google rating for "upx cmake" and I've found my solution, I'll post it for any future googlers. I gave up on using the built in finder, and am just using the one visible from the prompt. I'll have to variable it out to work on windows, but it's "good enough".

samples_c being the name of one of the outputs:
            TARGET samples_c
            COMMAND upx samples_c   

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