Friday, March 12, 2010

Bringing cmake to libtcod - Last bits of polish

(Your regularly scheduled blog posting about c# and magecrawl will return shorting, this is the last post scheduled to deal with cmake and libtcod.)

The last major issues I believe have been worked out. With the exception of osx support, which libtcod didn't have up to date in the first place, and some documentation I'm planning on writing tonight, cmake support is finished.

I finished up upx support last night, and spent today breaking up the build files into libtcod and sample parts, which makes everything much more clear. Overall, despite my gripes last night about its documentation, cmake is a great build system. It is vastly better in my opinion than makefiles, and the only build system is comparable in features is scons.

If you're writing a roguelike (or anything really) in C/C++, and consider cross platform important at all, I'd take a look at cmake.

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