Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7DOMC - Day 3 - The item rewrite is done...finally.

So the patch I submitted was six thousand lines long, and took a grueling day of coding yesterday and half a day today cleaning up loose ends, but it's done. Much of the work involved moving a hierarchy of classes that defined weapon, armor, and consumable types into a flatter set of classes that allowed more dynamic changes.

A quick overview of the way I generate items follows:

For armor/weapons:
We start with an expected item "level", determining how "good" the item should be. We first calculate a quality grade, which falls from -2 to +4 on a normal distribution. We then determine how many "levels" we have left to choose the material. Each material, for example wood, iron, or leather, states what items can be made of it and what their properties are. Some materials have higher level modifiers, so a bronze would be lower level than say cold-forged iron. The material determines the base damage/speed/protection of the item, while the quality increases or decreases it by percentages.

For potions/scrolls/wands.

A slightly different approach is taken. An effect is first determined, using the requested level item as a range to select from. Wands cut the level in half, since they allow the effect to be produced multiple times. For any left over levels we increase either the caster level of the effect (for potions/scrolls) or the number of charges in wands.

I still need to implement the bulk of the content, for example material types for each weapon  varying over the ranges, and a ton of playtesting to find bugs and determine values for each material/quality. However, the coding for this headlining feature is done. :)

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Ed said...

Nifty :D

For some reason, this seems like it would lend itself well to a "crafting" system... I miss Craftband ;)