Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Iteration 9 and 10 - The new plan

So, I'm changing my iteration plans around the release of a video game. Let's just put it out there. Final Fantasy 14 is being released September 30th (early access on 22nd), and I am excited enough to pre-order it. Due to that, and the expected week or two post-release that I won't involve much coding, here's the new plan.

Iteration 9 - Finishes asap. As soon as I get the game balance reasonable, and a spread of items/weapons for the 5 levels of the current dungeon, kick it out of the door. I'm planning on calling it tech demo 3.1 or something similar, just for those readers of the blog who want to see the new stuff.

Iteration 10 - Get as much done in August and September. Things like diminishing returns, school specific debufs, sound drawing monsters, etc. Also get enough of the small features done that the next "iteration" will be more of a "slice". Something where I create more interesting gameplay content and less concern on the game engine.

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Brian said...

Heh, good idea to be realistic about things competing for your time. Sounds like a good slate as well, best of luck knocking it all out.