Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will the penguin in the room please stand up...

Magecrawl now works on Linux again. You'll need a new copy of mono (one that isn't released yet but will be before my next release), but it works!

For those who care about the bad things I had to do to make this work, read on...

So, the major issues were causing problems was the libtcod-net-unmanaged library was not working as expecting.

The first issues was both mac and linux wanted to create a library called I modified the make files to create to new files and used mono's dllmap to point the right platform to the right binary.

Once I fixed that, I was getting missing symbol errors. I had forgotten that doesn't have the C++ symbols under Linux. I linked against, copied that in, and fixed that.

The final issue, which took three of four hours to solve, invoked this bug in cmake. I had to use an internal "don't use this, it could break on new versions" macro to work around it. The code in question is:

with SWIG_MODULE_${NAME}_REAL_NAME being the forbidden fruit.

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