Saturday, July 10, 2010

7DOMC - Day 7 - Monsters and thoughts on this week

With my commit here I'm done with my XML generation changes this iteration. Monsters now have different names that are level dependent, with base stats and some stats that go up each level. The "trait" system has been booted to iteration 10 due to my exhaustion in this area of magecrawl. I need to create some content for items still, item levels for each armor/weapon from 1-6 or so, but otherwise I have the base material for a sane difficulty curve.

So, if you've read this blog any this week, you probably can tell that I've been busy. With my wonderful wife coming home tomorrow and family in town next weekend, it'll probably be a few weeks before I implement anything major.

Looking back on this week, I think the fact that I announced my intentions and wrote about them every day was useful. There were days that I didn't want to program, I would have rather played TF2 or Borderlands all night. However, the idea of skipping a day's post or admitting I didn't get anything accomplished pushed me to do some programming. Once I overcame the initial hump of launching Visual Studio, I generally started to enjoy my work.

In some regards I got less done that I expected, but I think that was due to me vastly underestimating how much work some of my tasks would take. Item generation based on levels took three or four times longer that I would have initially assumed. I think it would have taken even longer if I had to break it up over a week or two's evenings.

I have 26 items left targeted for this iteration. With the possible exception to my "field" idea for improving monster AI, each of them should involve significantly less work that either the item or monster changes this week. They should be "bite sized" enough to tackle one or two after work some night.


Brian said...

Congrats on the 7-day blasting of things!

jice said...

congrats for being able to stick to the initial plan. As for me, I'm playing TF2 all nights since the damn engineer update... :(

Any chance of a 7DOMC release even if it breaks the iteration release cycle ?

donblas said...

Right now you wouldn't want a release, it is currently unwinnable if you don't use the internal debug options. :)

I have 25 more issues targeted for iteration 9, afterwords I'll kick out a tech demo 2.5 or something.

fu said...

Throwing in my congrats as well, and thanks - reading your updates definitely motivated me to work on my project again. I even managed to resist the vile temptations of TF2... :)