Thursday, July 8, 2010

7DOMC - Day 5 - Monsters AI changes wrapping up

So, all the great AI work that I did a few iterations back can be distilled into this chunk of code now:
                case "Bruiser":
                    tactics.Add(new DoubleSwingTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new DefaultTactic());
                case "Healer":
                    tactics.Add(new UseFirstAidTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new MoveToWoundedAllyTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new DefaultTactic());
                case "Ranged":
                    tactics.Add(new KeepAwayFromMeleeRangeIfAbleTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new UseSlingStoneTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new KeepAwayFromPlayerIfAbleTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new PossiblyRunFromPlayerTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new WaitTactic());
                case "Sprinter":
                    tactics.Add(new RushTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new DefaultTactic());
                    tactics.Add(new DefaultTactic());

I obviously plan on pulling this out into an XML list or something similar, and add more intelligent "tactics" so I can make the AI even smarter. One idea I had would have slingers who don't have a line of sight for a shot to move to one more likely. Another would have healers find bruisers and stay togeater, kinda like heavies and medics in TF2.

Now that I have a "flat" monster hierarchy, I need to write generators similar to the ones I wrote for items that'll create level dependent monsters.

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Ed said...

Nice :D
Just what we need - a Team Fortress roguelike! ;)
"On Team RED, sandvich eat YOU!"