Friday, July 2, 2010

"Iteration", I don't think that means what I think it means...

So I have some time next week to work on magecrawl, and so I'm looking at my task list and realizing I currently have a ton of things targeted for iteration 9. Ignore the bug fixing and corner cases issues, I have these high level goals currently:
  • Create level dependent items and monsters
  • Refactor how skills and items are handled to combine with new traits for monsters
  • More effect work, including debuffs specific to various schools attack spells.
  • "Field" effect to model sound/smell to make monsters seem more realistic.
In addition to this, I currently have 51 open issues targeted to iteration 9. Some of these issues are minor, but some include creating new classes of items, major new spell types, and other significant chunks of work.

I'll talk about my short term programming goals later this weekend, but the short answer is unless I seriously knock a lot of this work out soon, I'm going to have to punt on stuff to an iteration10 or have a bloated schedule.

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Nolithius said...

You may be better off tackling some of the outstanding issues before implementing new features, especially if they are bugs or systems that badly need a rewrite.

For the non-critical issues, you may also want to consider deleting them from your list to avoid being overwhelmed. Ask yourself, "Can I tackle this in the next 2 iterations?", if not, remove it from the foreground of a written text, and relegate it to the background of your unconscious mind. If it really matters, it will show back up when the time is right. And if you forget it, then it must not have been that important! ;)


Ebyan "Nolithius" Alvarez-Buylla